Sunday November 6th, 4pm

Acton Hill Church

Trio Taliesin present two striking B flat major works which were written less than fifty years apart. Both were dedicated to royal patrons and both were premiered with the composer himself at the piano.

However, their reception and longevity were quite opposite. Beethoven’s performance of the ‘Archduke’ in Vienna in 1811 was met with harsh criticism and heralded the end of Beethoven’s career as a performer (though certainly not as a composer!) but the trio lived on in the canon and is still widely performed and enjoyed today. Rubinstein performed of his trio in London in 1857 to huge acclaim: both the work and performance were a resounding success, and yet his trio had fallen out of fashion within half a century of its premiere. 

Come and hear both of these grand trios and decide for yourself which is your favourite B flat!

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